The Fixer

Shortly after Desert Storm and I returned to Germany, I was transferred to a new company for the last six months of my military commitment. When I got to the company, I couldn't believe the racial division that was going on in the unit. I remember thinking, "This is 1992! Shouldn’t we be past all … Continue reading The Fixer

Time Flies

Not that long ago, I was making lunch for my younger kids as they started (for what had to have been the 1 millionth time) the animated movie Toy Story 3. If you are familiar with the movie, the very beginning can be very emotional for parents. Like I said, I've been forced to watch … Continue reading Time Flies


The air was crisp but the sun shone bright in the Northwest Indiana sky. Christmas Eve would normally signal a time of excitement for a 13-year old, especially for me because my 14th birthday would be in three days. However, Christmas lost its magic and luster over the years and this was about to be, … Continue reading Unwanted