By Natalie Struble Burning fingertips drag across scarlet tinged water stirring up visions of chaos where water meets the taint of blood. I’m unable to focus. There’s the beating of a drum in my ears, it’s rhythm is wrapping itself around my throat. I can feel the pulse of it’s soundless music at my wrists, … Continue reading Nameless

Lose Myself

By Natalie Struble I wish to lose myself. I wish to get lost in the inky blue of a midnight sky and never again ground myself to a greedy surface, pulling at me with heavy ropes of gravity that wrap around my airborne limbs and drag me down. I wish to shed the realities of … Continue reading Lose Myself


By Natalie Struble The stars have always forgotten to soften their beauty in the gaze of our primitive beings. The ghost of silver gauzy starlight dusting constellations into my skin stings. Cosmos swirling in a haze of silver, gold, and colors not yet seen in eyes blinded by mortality. We're a disorder of gossamer daydreams … Continue reading Starlight

Mama’s Gonna Be Fine

The brisk November air made the hair that hung down next to Heather Gibbs’ face dance as she walked through the lazy streets of her small hometown of Jasper. Not much happens in Jasper, Ohio. Some would say it’s a rather boring town and in most cases, they would be right. That will not be … Continue reading Mama’s Gonna Be Fine

Distant Lover

Today I want to share with you a passion I've had since I was a kid. I used to make up stories for fun all the time but once I graduated high school, I lost sight of my passion and wrote sparingly over the last 20+ years. I am excited to share with you a … Continue reading Distant Lover