Enough is Enough

Before I even start, please accept my apologies. I try to make it a point not to post anything “reactionary” to events or issues. I like to take my time, process, think and then try my best to write a piece which is balanced. Today will not be that day. I’m sorry. I’m passed feeling … Continue reading Enough is Enough


By Natalie Struble Burning fingertips drag across scarlet tinged water stirring up visions of chaos where water meets the taint of blood. I’m unable to focus. There’s the beating of a drum in my ears, it’s rhythm is wrapping itself around my throat. I can feel the pulse of it’s soundless music at my wrists, … Continue reading Nameless

Burn The Witch

This has been an interesting week as we’ve watched politicians question Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, about Facebook’s apparent data breach. Not that I mind them questioning the leader of a company or holding them accountable, but to listen to the line of questioning can be cringeworthy and in some cases flat-out absurd. It’s … Continue reading Burn The Witch

Lose Myself

By Natalie Struble I wish to lose myself. I wish to get lost in the inky blue of a midnight sky and never again ground myself to a greedy surface, pulling at me with heavy ropes of gravity that wrap around my airborne limbs and drag me down. I wish to shed the realities of … Continue reading Lose Myself


By Natalie Struble The stars have always forgotten to soften their beauty in the gaze of our primitive beings. The ghost of silver gauzy starlight dusting constellations into my skin stings. Cosmos swirling in a haze of silver, gold, and colors not yet seen in eyes blinded by mortality. We're a disorder of gossamer daydreams … Continue reading Starlight

Reboot: The Art of Keeping Your Word

We disappoint ourselves so often that we stop believing it when we say, "I'm going to be healthier" or "I'm going to get that next promotion at work". We've disappointed ourselves so much that we stop before we even start.

Haymakers & Black Eyes

The other day I walked down to the school to pick up my kids. Jenna normally does this but occasionally, South Orange County traffic makes it inevitable I will get the privilege to walk my kids home from school from time-to-time. As I was standing at the crosswalk, I was rather entertained as two 8-year-old … Continue reading Haymakers & Black Eyes

Eye of the Tiger

This week I picked up my copy of Finish by Jon Acuff. Making that even better—I was able to meet Jon when he was in Irvine, CA, at his book signing. It wasn't until after I started reading his book that I realized he single-handedly saved the Rocky movie franchise! How? I'm glad you asked. … Continue reading Eye of the Tiger

Fool’s Gold

As Florida is left in the wake of Hurricane Irma today, I find the chatter on social media to be fairly predictable after catastrophic storms like Irma and Harvey. What is crazy to me is the hatred and venom that comes out of people when events like this happen. Take Katrina for instance. I remember … Continue reading Fool’s Gold

The Fixer

Shortly after Desert Storm and I returned to Germany, I was transferred to a new company for the last six months of my military commitment. When I got to the company, I couldn't believe the racial division that was going on in the unit. I remember thinking, "This is 1992! Shouldn’t we be past all … Continue reading The Fixer