Fool’s Gold

As Florida is left in the wake of Hurricane Irma today, I find the chatter on social media to be fairly predictable after catastrophic storms like Irma and Harvey. What is crazy to me is the hatred and venom that comes out of people when events like this happen.

Take Katrina for instance. I remember the images and videos of the sheer magnitude of the storm and the devastation it left behind. Social media wasn’t as prevalent in 2005 but the anger towards President Bush and government in general from almost every media outlet was. Bush didn’t get help there fast enough and the government should have done something about the levees then maybe things might not have been so bad. Whether this is true or not isn’t the point here today. I’m sure this will be argued well into the history books. I guess what I don’t understand is this irrational anger towards other people when catastrophic events happen.

I’m amused when I have conversations on social media because it seems like people have very little regard for others who have a different take on a subject. It’s the craziest thing to me sometimes because people throw around things they’ve heard or read from some obscure source and that’s it, it’s concrete truth. There have been several times I have had conversations with people, given them black & white proof and they refuse to acknowledge the facts. One conversation, I had someone tell me, “I don’t care what this (proof) is saying. I feel that what is in my heart is proof enough for me.” Well, there’s no reasoning with that.

Let’s try not to lose focus on whats the most important thing here: getting people back on their feet! Getting Houston and the Southeastern region of the country water, food, utilities like electricity and eventually back in their homes. This is what we do as Americans. We come together and help our fellow man better than anyone else. Why ruin it with venomous attacks about whether or not climate change is real or not?

President Trump did not make this happen by stepping out of the Paris Agreement. As a matter of fact, America is technically still part of the agreement and will be until 2020. But that doesn’t stop people from being angry at him for calling climate change a “hoax”. I guess my question is, “Who cares?” Would you prefer a government that soothes your conscience by placing all kinds of regulations on corporations and citizens that gives you a false sense of security? I know a lot of people who would say “yes” to this but let’s try to bring this all into a little bit of perspective here.

Number one, it doesn’t matter if someone believes in climate change or not. Stop getting so mad when someone says how much they believe in it or don’t believe in it. If you believe so strongly in it, focus your energies on the things that will bring about change. You don’t have to be a scientist. Just do the things you know how to do. If someone disagrees with you about whether climate change is real or not, smile and agree to disagree. No need for seething and venomous words. If you don’t think climate change is real, shut up about it. There is no need for name calling or ridiculous assertions that you have no scientific or physical proof of.

Number two, our governments are not going to save us. Our world is run by the rich and powerful and if it comes down to saving the world or saving themselves, they will choose themselves every time. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s how things have always been. Our country has been run for centuries by rich old white dudes. The reason it’s taken so long for civil change is simple self-preservation. They didn’t want to lose their power and position. Just because women and minorities continue to break through does not mean all the sudden things have changed and now we have someone looking out for us.

Like everything else we talk about here, you can agree to disagree with me on. I guess my thing is, why be so angry with someone because of what they believe? Yes, we do need to be responsible with our planet, but to think government regulations or political parties are going to save our planet is putting your faith in fool’s gold. All politicians (even Bernie) ultimately bow to where the money is. Leaving the future of our planet to these people is not wise.

So what’s the answer? The short answer; I don’t know. The ultimate answer; we have too many smart and creative people in this world to not be able to come up with the perfect answer. A group with zero political contact would be best to ultimately eliminate the bureaucracy that bogs down the process.

But can we all please stop using these events as “proof” of your beliefs about climate change? People are hurting and need our energies focused on helping them get back on their feet. Should we talk about it? Yes… but not now! If there is ever a time to show support to our fellow man, it’s now. Go donate some money or resources. Get up and go to Texas or Florida and help rebuild or pass out supplies. You want to make a change? That’s how you’re going to do it. Not posting memes about how this tragedy makes you right.

That’s my take anyway.

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